Things to consider when buying personal and baby body care

If you can’t pronounce or understand the ingredients, keep looking. If the manufacturer doesn’t bother to put it in (simple terms) it is likely something included to benefit their pockets line, not you and your baby. In most cases, these mystery ingredients preserve the shelf life and make the product look and smell more appealing so you’ll want to buy it. At Natural Way Organics all our organic baby products, organic shampoo, organic bath and body products, organic bar soap, organic household, castle soap etc. etc. are made from ingredients every child can understands.

Mineral oil/Petrolatum/paraffin are byproducts of crude oil, and they are cheap to use.Baby oil that is made from mineral oil holds in moisture, but prevents your body from releasing unwanted toxins. Mineral oil can also block the body’s absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients.Compared to Natural Way Organics Organic Baby Oil is made out of pure vegetable oils and herbs that moisturize and nourish your babies skin making it refreshed and soft once again as as well as it has lavender essential oil that calms and relaxes even the most colic baby.

Parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl).These preservatives and antibacterials are used in shampoos, creams and baby lotions to extend product shelf life. They are petroleum-based and can cause dermatitis and other allergic reactions. Parabens are thought to alter estrogen levels and the Environmental Protection Agency issued a report expressing concern about parabens showing up in our sewage systems (from humans) and posing a risk to aquatic life. Natural Way Organics say preservatives are a NO NO we to not add any preservatives to our organic shampoo, organic baby shampoo, organic creams etc. our products stay fresh by using the freshest natural organic ingredients.

Talc powder. The Cancer Coalition states that talc is a toxic carcinogen that can cause ovarian and lung cancer with repeated exposure. It is also used in soaps, deodorants and in food processing.Natural Way Organics Organic Baby Powder is a talc free natural organic baby powder keeping your baby fresh and dry.

Phthalates These have been in the news lately. They are found in fragrances in shampoos, lotions and powders, but their true intention is to make plastic soft. They can leach out of plastics so why would anyone want them on their skin? According to, studies have been done on phthalates in urine from babies’ diapers. They are toxic, carcinogenic and have been linked to infertility. Note that companies are not required to list the ingredients of fragrances, so the product could have them and they not show up on the label. Natural Way Organics does not add any fragrances all our organic soaps, organic shampoo, organic household cleaners, organic baby powder etc. etc. ingredients are natural organic and every thing is proudly listed on the label.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate are foaming agents found in many shampoos and hair conditioners.
They can be disguised in labels as “comes from coconut” You can find these in other garage floor cleaners and engine de-greasers. They have been linked to eye injury as well as cell membrane and immune system damage. Natural Way Organics does not use any foaming agents our castile soap, organic shampoo, organic household cleaners, organic yoga wash, organic spray etc. etc. are saponified (soap based) foaming concentrates we make them from organic oils